An everyday item for most women. Emergency call? Grab it and hustle. A women’s wallet or a clutch, is handy at most times but a nuisance at other times. Who wants to go another extra step to arrange your cards, money or keys? The steps you take to buy a wallet can be a reason for you to like it vice versa. Consider your everyday life and then choose your lifestyle wallet.

If you want to have class as well as durability I would suggest going for a price range of $50-$70. Cuyana brand is said to lead this industry but I would express my concerns on the expense. The best stuff for a wallet is obviously leather. Cloth or vinyl may be more affordable but they have to be replaced often, lack class and are worn out easily.

Let’s talk about some of the best and comfortable wallets for women.

Leather wallets

The best kind of wallet you can have is a wallet of leather. Specifically a full grain leather wallet. A threadbare or worn out wallet will diminish your look considerably...a n average wallet lasts about a good 2-3 years, but a leather wallet of good quality can last upto 10 years, that will also fulfil its price. Your cards, cash and other things can be kept safe in any handy leather clutch .

Passport wallet case

Simple and slim wallets that are specifically designed to carry your passports, cards, IDs, cash and other credentials. Available in all shapes and sizes. They can have buttons or zip depending upon the design you choose. If you’re a traveler or a hustler this is definitely your go to.

Monogram wallets

These one of a kind wallets are one of the most popular in your simple fashion routine. The monogram may be of a company or your own initials. A definite and classic look. It can go well with all outfits and yet represent you. A pastel colored monogram on a dark theme wallet would be my recommendation.

Classic clutch

For an exquisite look pair yourself with a cute, bold or patterned wallet if you’re going for casual yet not-haggard look. Clutches can carry most of your wallet possessions but the space may lack to some as it cannot be adjusted. Clutch wallets are mostly used as a fashion expression and are not efficient as a resource.

Trusty phone pouch

 A very small clutch that just stores your phone and a few cards and cash. Perfect if you’re a light traveler or can’t carry around your phone in your hand all day. The room of the wallet is not sufficient for other items. The colors available are mostly classics or dull. I would avoid it if you’re also going for a trendy lifestyle.

Bifold and trifolds

 A bifold wallet has two folds to close it while a trifold has three folds. A bifold is slimmer and easier to carry however the trifold wallet has some more space for your credentials. These are available in all sorts of sizes, shapes, patterns etc. these wallets are never a too old of a trend and are pretty cute in student life



A stick on or attachable or wearable card case made of leather that can easily carry around your metro card. An easy access card holder for a quick swipe. Perfect for city girls and most convenient to use as it just sticks to your phone. Can be made by customization of your choice. A 100% recommendation.


Nothing special just a small strap that goes around your wrist making it great for formal occasions and hard to misplace. The size may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but since the wrist may have to hold some of the weight, I’d go for light wristlet. Who knows when you’d get delayed? To people who avoid bracelets, would not recommend as the feel is similar.

Belt wallet

It became a high trend in the past decade, a simple wear around your waist that has an attached pouch which serves as a wallet. Most convenient to carry, requires no hands, has sufficient storage and if you have confidence you can make this clutch work with the simplest outfits. A daily life resource with good statistics.


The most popular wallets

Gucci’s continental wallet and saint Laurent’s wristlet tops the list with wallets and clutches of Montblanc, Hentley, Harber London, Bottega Veneta, Bellroy and Louis Vuitton close behind. These wallets may cost you a small fortune. If I were buying a wallet id just go for quality at an affordable price rather than society brand trend.



Have a good day with your cute wallet ladies!!!!

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